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    VPS Software (Xen, Hyper-V, Vmware, etc.)


    I'm looking for the best solution for VPS and i need some help.

    I'm not quite sure about create Windows VPS in linux solutions, neither linux VPS in Hyper-V.
    1- In Linux (for example with Xen) for each one Windows VPS i need a new windows license? Or i only need one license and then create the templates? How it works? Can i use personal licenses?
    2- In Hyper-V i can create linux vps with all distros? Or only a few one?

    I've been testing XenServer, tomorrow i will test Hyper-V, i like somethings in XenServer 5.5, dislikes anothers... XenServer API is not quite good, and the limits for vps are few, but good performance, and XenCenter is good.

    3- Citrix XenCenter is a better solution than Xen Source?

    I'd like to hear the goods and the bads for all vps solutions.


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    1 - You need license for each VPS of Windows. Microsoft has a "hosted" licenses offer which allows you to "rent" a license for the period of time and pay per month.

    2 - You can create distros that are supported by given Hyper-V technology, otherwise, unsupported distros will perform slower because they will run in para-virtualization mode (without a special drivers)

    3 - We use Citrix XenCenter because of ease of use. Generally, it is the same technology + Citrix has Console UI

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    If you are looking for a good Linux Virtualization software, you should test out Virtuozzo.

    1. The Virtuozzo API has a whole lot of functionality.
    2. You can download OS templates for CentOS, Fedora Core, Red Hat, Debian, and a few more. You can also create your own OS and Application templates.
    3. I haven't had any blaring issues with this software.

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    The virtuozzo will be good. But costlier...

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