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    Been a while since I came here. Anyway now since we have revamped our website - - need your input on functional and design aspects.


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    Sorry for being negative, but here is the uncut commentary:

    The first thing that struck me is that there is too much black (Times New Roman) text on white background. The general design felt messy not by bad design but by lack of divisions. Websites nowadays have well-defined sections separated by color and wide margins. Streamline your website as much as possible, sticking together related functions.

    My design suggestion, while entirely not professional, would be to put more focus on the domain availability bar, use tables and colors for pricing and put all the links at the bottom left in a section such as FAQ and About.

    Have in mind that your customer is most likely to arrive on your website looking to compare prices and features. The rest of the information should be easily found, but not thrown in the first page, since it will be consulted only when the client will have taken interest in your services.

    Also, consider adding colors to the interface, maybe even rounded corners (if you are brave enough).

    This is my comment. I tried to be as honest and constructive as I could and didn't intend to be harsh in any way. If you need any further help, it will be my pleasure

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    I will be honest. Did not like your site. A lot needs to be done. n1cods has given you many suggestions already! Site does not look like some professional made it!

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    Looks so dry, maybe you can add a little color or images.

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    yeah more icons....lesser the saying goes..."A picture is worth thousand words"
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