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    What technologies should I use for Reselling Website design

    I would like to know what technologies I should use for so that all required tools/panels and software integrate properly, I know ASP.Net and similar technologies only, No Php etc. OR I shall purchase designer and developer.

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    You may consider using CMS like joomla or wordpress which will save time, effort and produce really good websites.

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    CMS will help you in this regard but if you want to keep your self in touch of web development then PHP and both have market value at this time

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    Joomla is easy to configure and has many modules and components that can be useful with Web Hosting Company website. Check out the available extensions for joomla, wordpress, drupal etc. Everything depends on what functionality are you looking for.

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    if you are looking for fast and reliable wordpress and joomla is the way to go. but if you really want to have control over the cms better ask a company to develop one for you. it's going t o be a bit pricey though.

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    Joomla is good but like many said if you want more power go over to and php

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    Get a Designer and Developer if you do not want to use PHP.

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    cpanel and linux is good

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    Hmm, for me since I'm using WHMCS and it's based on PHP, my choice is PHP.

    So I suggest maybe use the same language as your tools/panels?

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