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    Track down resource abuser?

    How would I go about tracking down to see who is using the most resources on my server? It's running cpanel and cent os 5.3, just the last couple of days there's been some high load spikes and I never got the chance to ssh and run "top" to see what was bogging the server down. Is there some way of checking to see who was using the most bandwidth a a certain time etc etc? If there are logs to be checked can you tell me how to go about checking them via cpanel or command? Thanks in advance.

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    If your sites are logging traffic you can look at the statistics.

    One good method is to simply look at the size of the log files for the specified date.

    /usr/local/apache/domlogs/ - The general access log for each domain configured with cPanel.

    Beyond this the only thing you could do is create a cron script to log resource usage over time and look back at the log the cron creates to see exactly what is happening at that specific time.
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    I will try the method above, is there another way to see what mysql database has the most connections or anything? Is there any type of script to tell what user is using the most resources? How about checking the bandwidth usages? Is there a script publicly out there to check? Thanks again

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    If you are using cPanel, you migh want to check CPU/mysql usage under "Status" (this is assuming you have root access)
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