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    Talking Skilled Logo/Graphic Designer Required - 24 Hours Timeframe! (Paypal)

    Hi there,

    Looking for an experienced, fashionable () logo/graphic designer that will complete a job within a short space of time.

    Logo + Header Banner

    Payments quick via paypal!

    Get in touch with me on MSN now. I will update the thread when the position has been filled.

    My education is finally over at 28... But now I am looking for a full time job and tru lurrv...
    Have you found the WHT rules & guidelines? Took me 4 years!

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    I've sent you a message via MSN. We've worked together before, so hopefully we can work something out now. I look forward to speaking with you!

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    Hi..interested to take this up.
    Added you on MSN.
    Hope we could discuss further.

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