Webthosting team Announce they had plan provide VPS service again on last september 19th. they Announcement to there clients. then I order new vps plan for my "VPS FREE with your previous credit".
Announcements >> VPS again >> 13/09/2009 02:23
WebT Hosting has finally decided to provide VPS services again.

If you had a VPS with us earlier please open a ticket to get a VPS FREE with your previous credit.

VPS plans will be available on our site shortly.

And whats more all our VPS plans will now come fully managed! Just relax we will monitor your VPS 24/7 and work on it if it goes down.

The new VPS nodes will be located in Netherlands and Germany. If you have any VPS with other provider just try free (open a ticket) and see what our managed VPS can do for your needs.

Over the months we have made several improveents, we are now in a position to guarantee the best possible service to our clients.

Source: http://www.webthosting.com/hosting/a...VPS-again.html

Week later they told me there is no VPS plans available for provide you. then after that I check webthosting VPS order page. until now there is "NO Stocks" Available for order. then I try to contact them by the ticket for get VPS from them. they always told me please contact us after the VPS plans available on site. few months later they send us another announcement. they send it on last 8th of this month.
Announcements >> Technical Difficulties >> 08/11/2009 08:54
Dear Users,

Due to some technical difficulties support response will be slow till the 19th of this month. Pending orders will also take longer to be activated during this time. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused.

All pending VPS will be delivered after that with some added extra validity for the delay. New VPS orders will be taken after that.

Source: http://www.webthosting.com/hosting/a...ficulties.html

Until now there NO any plan for order. I have more than 200$ VPS Credit with them. webthosting doing very bad things to there clients.

Manuka L.