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    Dedicated server restoration

    Our IT guy in the office says that if our server hardware fails it is a minimum half day job to get it back online and could easily take more than a day or so.

    If this is the case are there not suitable solutions that we can take so that in event of failure we get get back online within minutes?

    What would you recommend?


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    Are you coloing or is this in an office situation?

    If hardware fails on a single server and your disks (RAID'd) are intact it shouldn't take anywhere near half a day if you have spare kit on hand

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    Basically we want to run our office based windows application that runs all day to day office stuff, from remotely hosted DB. The reason for this is that we are running our website from the same remote server, and our office system and website are constantly updating each other.

    So if we have a good managed hosting company looking after our server, but can it really take days to get it back up if we have a major hardware failure? - This is the main concern of our inhouse IT guy - so if its a good hosting what steps can we take to make sure any possible downtime will be minimum, and what sort of time would you expect a good hosting company to get a server back up (with all data re-loaded) for example if we have a disk or motherboard failure ?


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    Well, as long as it is running in a raid array, even if the harddware fails, it should not take all day to swap the drives to a new chasis and get the server back up and functioning. At the very most, a few hours at best. Hardware fails are generally easier to recover from with raid, vs a software corruption / compromise. I'd check with the host however just to be safe.
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    You mentioned that the office app is Windows based. What about the backend? Does it require Windows to run? Also, is the server app simply a database to which the Windows app at the office connect to?

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    A managed hosting company that has hardware replacement plans in place (and the hardware in-stock!) should be able to have the server back on-line within 2-4 hours. All that said, as others mentioned, a RAID array will help you avoid the downtime in the first place.

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