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    Noob question

    My VPS provider just had a processor upgrade. Now I have no problems connecting to WHM and cPanel but my site is down. I tried connecting though a proxy and it says "name lookup timed out". Can someone tell me how to fix this problem? Sorry I know its vague and very noobish but I am really new at this.

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    Maybe port 80 or apache is down. cpanel/whm are on different ports. If you can log into ssh, restart apache and named and see if that works.

    Otherwise contact your hosting provider, they should be able to shed some light on the situation.

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    You may also want to try restarting your DNS server. | Established in 2008
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    have you changed any thing dns, check named service , apache service also take a tracert it will give you some idea

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    Do you connect to WHM and cPanel through IP or through the domain name?
    Do you have the Nameservers configured properly at your registrar? If this is your new VPS check if the glue records are configured correctly and are pointing to the corresponding IPs on the VPS.

    You can also try doing telnet on port 80 of your server.
    Other things would be good to do a whois look up on your domain and performing 'dig' command of it. If dig fails try doing 'dig domain name @yourVPSIP' this would at least show if the DNS record is ok on the VPS.

    Additionally try looking up the public_html content going to http://yourip/~cPanelusername and see if the issue is directly linked to the domain or to the Apache in general.

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    Do you happen to run WordPress? This seems like a rather common error with WordPress powered sites.
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