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    * Management Services needed

    I have posted elsewhere saying that I have a server under my bed so to speak and want to move it into a data centre (new machine).

    At the same time I DON'T want to be up 24/7 making sure some clown has not written a circular script that eats the CPU up. I want you to worry about that! What you do to him on my behalf is based on reasonableness of course. But the point is I only want to know about it after.

    I don't want 100 other clients calling me saying their site is down. I want you to see it an deal with BEFORE 100 clients call. Sure some will notice. The point is I need some time off and I have been slow to react to these sorts of things so this will reduce my support load as well.

    Also you need to harden the server, deal with the firewall, virus checker etc.

    I have seen some prices from $30USD like Platnium upto $200 which included backup space.

    Can you let me know what you offer and what you would do to my clown

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    I can do this for you. Can you contact me via AIM or MSN (available in my profile)?

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    I had a look at your website and I dont see those services being offered.

    I will constact you on MSN but first I would like to know what you would do with my script "clown"?
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    @sgarbus - I wrote to you on Yahoo/MSN but did not get anything back. I left my email there. Feel free to contact me.

    Anyone else?
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    I can help you out as well I am in the process of buying another company out with rackspace in Chicago so monitoring would be offsite from my other datacenter.

    email me admin(at)
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    Zeec - I just wrote to you.
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    Is my situation that weird that professional management companies dont want to write to me? Did I scare you all off?

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    Try Platinum - well rounded and affordable
    Rodney Payne

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    If your looking for server management, then if one user had a script causing issues the first step would be to stop the script if possible, worst case scenario is to suspend that user to stop it causing other users problems. Then advise you that the script is causing issues so that you can let the client know.

    Any half decent management company that is PRO ACTIVE will monitor the server and when the load goes above a safe level or apache fails they will know. Most will also reboot the server on your behalf when needed (if possible with your dc) so that as far as server maintenance goes, you shouldn't have to be too involved.
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    i use easy server management -, they have offered me great service for many years

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    We will take care of your server and weed your servers from clowns/parasites that saps it strength. Do mail us at [email protected] for more details and we shall babysit your servers.
    Quote Originally Posted by mattrobo View Post
    I had a look at your website and I dont see those services being offered.

    I will constact you on MSN but first I would like to know what you would do with my script "clown"?
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    We can do this for you, no problem. Just email sales[at]nexeontech[dot]com with your request and we will get you going ASAP.
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    Ok thanks guys. I have not got around to contacting you all yet but what was funny was that 2 people who contacted me offline or via PM. Including 2 who posted here never replied to emails.... imagine if I had a server problem

    This weekend I will go through all the webpages above this post
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