VPSSpeed are once again proud to be able to bring you these fantastic special offers!

Today, we have not one, but TWO fantastic offers on all Dallas VPS orders: Get DOUBLE Diskspace, Memory and Bandwidth...PLUS 20% off, for LIFE! Simply enter the coupon during checkout to claim this offer!



Lets take a look at those all important VPS plans!

Mach-1 - $7.96 /month!
• 10GB 20GB RAID Protected Diskspace
• 128MB 256MB Guaranteed RAM
• 256MB 512MB Burst RAM
• 100GB 200GB Bandwidth
• 1x IP Address

Mach-2 - $12.76 /month!
• 25GB 50GB RAID Protected Diskspace
• 256MB 512MB Guaranteed RAM
• 512MB 1024MB Burst RAM
• 250GB 500GB Bandwidth
• 1x IP Address

Mach-3 - $17.56 /month!
• 50GB 100GB RAID Protected Diskspace
• 512MB 1024MB Guaranteed RAM
• 1024MB 2048MB Burst RAM
• 500GB 1000GB Bandwidth
• 2x IP Address

Mach-4 - $25.56 /month!
• 80GB 160GB RAID Protected Diskspace
• 1024MB 2048MB Guaranteed RAM
• 2048MB 4096MB Burst RAM
• 800GB 1600GB Bandwidth
• 2x IP Address

Mach-5 - $41.56 /month!
• 100GB 200GB RAID Protected Diskspace
• 2048MB 4096MB Guaranteed RAM
• 4096MB 8192MB Burst RAM
• 1000GB 2000GB Bandwidth
• 3x IP Address

READY TO ORDER? Click HERE -- Be sure to use the coupon: "DOUBLE DALLAS"


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If I upgrade/downgrade, will I keep my discount?
Yes! The discount is for the life of your plan, even if you upgrade/downgrade, you'll still get 20% off as long as the plan is not canceled all together.

Do you have a speed-test file I can download?
Sure we do:

Do you offer any control panels?
Yes! We offer cPanel ($15.00 /month) and DirectAdmin ($6.00 /month). In addition, we offer Installatron VPS licenses ($2.00 /month).

I have some more questions...
No problem! Please feel free to post them below, or CLICK HERE to contact us directly.


READY TO ORDER? Click HERE -- Be sure to use the coupon: "DOUBLE DALLAS"