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    * L.A dedi Vs Chicago Dedi

    I really think the location of the dedi Is really Important.
    so,If one's looking for a site that's not regional specific,where should you Invest?
    In LA or Chicago? Is now a Google PR 6
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    Oops,modi's can you please edit the Chicago spelling mistake?
    Thanks., Is now a Google PR 6
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    I'd probably go with Chicago.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HivelocityJJ View Post
    I'd probably go with Chicago.
    Agreed Prime location for sure

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    Chicago just got some more rack space there like it that much.
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    It's also one of the greenest places to put a datacenter.

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    Dallas, TX is also a great spot (If not better.) for servers.

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    I think Chicago is a great city and a very good place to locate your server there. The climate is pretty cool which is a good precondition for any green datacenter because they don't need much energy for cooling ("free cooling" can use the cold air from outside) You have to consider that in LA there are earhquakes from time to time - this hasn't been a problem yet, but who knows what happens in the future?

    Anyway, I wish you good luck and success with your servers in the datacenter of your choice!


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    And just a scientific note, although earthquakes are more common in LA, nearly every state is capable of having large earth quakes and each region of the US has it's share of natural disasters. Chicago is susceptible to blizzards, tornadoes, and floods, as well as electric storms. And all of those are much more common than large earthquakes. I'm not discing Chicago (actually my favorite US city), but you can't rule out LA because of earthquakes.

    And to think about server location, you have to think who your potential clients are. If they are in Asia, then a Chicago-based server is disadvantageous. If they are in Europe, both a Chicago-based and an LA-based server are disadvantageous.
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    It depends on your users/customers. If you're serving global customers, US customers, or European customers, go with Chicago. If you're serving largely Asian customers, go with LA.
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    forced with only one location option, then i'll go for Chicago.
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