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    Traffic exchange

    This must be old news for you but all I know that this is better than links exchange. Can someone tell me what the difference is, and with what kind of sites is best to do it, since I know that there are a lot of scams related to traffic exchange? Thanks.

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    It looks like you know what a link exchange is. Code is placed on the website of members and other members links are displayed.

    Traffic exchanges are different. Each member must earn "traffic credits" to have their website displayed in the traffic exchange. This is done by "surfing". Surfing is simply the browsing of other members websites, which in turn earns you the traffic credits needed so that other members surfing will see your website.

    In my opinion Traffic Exchanges are not really worth the time as they do not send targeted traffic, just people wanting to advertise their own websites.

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    I agree with instantph, its really better if you just focus on getting real and quality traffic. Improve your site for the better and keep doing quality seo on it. =)

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    Thanks guys - what you're saying is completely opposite from what I've found out so far. I guess will be doing more research. Only don't what to do when finding such contradictory information.

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    Funny, I haven't heard the word traffic exchange in a long time. I just want to chime in here and say to you Mumy, I think it would be wise of you to do more research. Link exchanging is hard word, but as long as you provide an attractive site with great content and information, you will find people adding links to their site to use you as a reference.

    Best of luck.
    Giving my opinions and thoughts the Moxie Way

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    Link exchange is (for me at least) a dead end. As I am an hungry and passionate observer of my web stats, I saw in time that the majority of users are coming through web search and not from my refers. Knowing this I prefer spending my time adding new content to my web sites rather than looking for link exchange websites.

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    If you compare Traffic exchange and link exchange, then link exchange is better. Atleast they provide some decent traffic.

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    and I forgot another thing - link exchange will not give you any SEO advantage as it is a both way link exchange and Google will just ignore your backlinks coming from link exchange.

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    Thanks. Link exchange and traffic exchange are out, so what else is there besides Social bookmarking, blog, forum posting and off course building up your site (that was reasonable thing to do before SEO was invented)?

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    i think Link exchange is important to get a high page rank

    or at least faster

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