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    what server config?

    what is a good server config for a website with ~ 30 million pageviews per month? Should Apache handle good with that amount of pageviews?

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    Dual Xeon's + 8gb or more Ram + SAS in raid
    site is static or dynamic?
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    A quad processer with 8 GB+ ram and RAID drives should get you started.

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    I second the memory, but I really don't think you'll need to go with dual xeons for that amount of traffic unless you plan to grow fairly quickly. SAS is a plus if it's in the budget. RAID is a must, always -- no, not software raid . . . don't even think about it.

    Honestly, if you have a nice budget your best bet would be to get multiple machines and load-balance them, rather than stack one box.
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    As Prajyot has asked - is the site static or dynamic? Does it have its own database (and are you planning to host the database on the same machine?)

    If it's dynamic, what scripting technology are you using and is the site doing anything computationally expensive?

    Presumably as you state a 30-million-page-views figure this site is already running somewhere. What does it currently run on?

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    Dynamic pages (php)
    MySQL DB (50x 50GB)
    Monthly Unique Visitor: 15+ million
    Monthly Pageviews: 20-30+ million

    Can you suggest me a server package that can handle that site?

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