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    * Now Hiring - Forum Posters

    Currently Hiring Forum Posters

    Do you play World of Warcraft and want to have a fun job where you can post about the game you love and make money from doing so? This is the best way to do it!

    What we are offering:
    - $1.00 per Account (limit 5)
    - $0.05 per Post (no limit)
    - $0.10 per Thread (no limit)

    - MUST have HIGH KNOWLEDGE of game: World of Warcraft. Experience in playing the game is preferred.
    - Each account MUST have AT LEAST 25 posts to be valid to be paid
    - You must be able to understand FLUENT english as this is an english only forum
    - A Non Disclosure agreement will be emailed or Faxed to you and you MUST fax / email the completed agreement signed and dated Non Disclosure agreement to receive payment
    - Spamming is not allowed, you may not respond to your own threads with multiple accounts and you will be permitted to post in any section of the forum you have expertise in. You should always have more posts than threads.
    - All posts MUST be relevant and MUST increase the quality of the forum. Any post which is deemed irrelevant to the thread / topic will be subject to deletion and not counted towards post / thread count.
    - You are NOT allowed to disclose the fact that you are being paid to post to any outside sources / person(s) not hired from this job.

    Payment Information:
    - All payments are made via: PAYPAL
    - All payments will be made to you on the 1st of the month to the PAYPAL email address you have entered into the Non Disclosure Agreement (this is not transferable or changeable)


    Apply today by emailing the following information to: [email protected] with subject line: Forum302 Application

    PayPal Email: (required for payment)
    Telephone Number: (required for verification)
    Best time to call: (Day and Time)
    Fax Number: (if Applicable)
    Do you play World of Warcraft?: (yes/no)
    How many accounts do you intend on creating?
    How many posts do you intend to post per day?
    How many threads do you intend to create per day?
    Do you understand why this must be kept anonymous? Explain.
    Do you understand you will be signing a Non Disclosure Agreement and what a Non Disclosure Agreement means?

    If your application is approved we will immediately email or fax you the Non Disclosure Agreement to either your Fax (if provided) or Paypal Email Address. Upon receipt of signed NDA you will be given the forum information and be asked to email [email protected] with your accounts when they are created. A detailed what to do will be provided on how to link your account(s) to your paypal email address

    If you have further questions please email [email protected] with subject line: Forum302 Question

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    We have received numerous emails about this job, please note we are still hiring.

    Question: Am I restricted to how many posts and/or topics I create?
    Answer: No, you can make as many topics or posts as you want as long as each post is unique, detailed, and follows the forum rules.

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