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    My Honest Review of DHD VPS (

    Hai Folks,

    I was the co-founder of, a Sri Lankan community forum. Recently we discontinued the site due to few personal reasons (partnership dispute, maintenance issues etc.).

    at last, we had 1900 mebers and around 100-150 active users. Daily visitor rating was 400-600. 100k-200k page views a month we received.

    We ran that forum nearly for 14 Months. we started with iX webhosting (Shared) and after 1 month we had lots of database errors occurred due to the nature of hosting forums in shared hosting servers. so we had a need to switch in to a VPS server. So we checked with many webhosting review sites and finally we found DHD ( at the TheAdminZone forums to be the best that fit in to our needs.

    we hosted our forum at DHD until we close down that. its nearly a 1 year period with them.

    I should say there are one of the best hosting companies we ever worked with.

    * Really low price.
    * Great packages for small to large scale users.
    * What they offer on there home page is what they exactly provide.
    * custommer support is excellent. even though they are not providing a 100% 24x7 online support, the response to the tickets was really quick.
    * Never had any large down time. only number of minutes server maintenance only we had on few rare occasions.

    Overall, i rate there service 5 Stars out of 5. Cheers!

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    Thanks for sharing your great experience with I have heard nothing but good things about them!
    Currently hosting with Big Brain Global Networks

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    Yes, they deserved it. btw, i had corrected few typoo mistakes in my review and updated the post. i added my signature also. coz it shows my industry experience which might help the readers to have more confident in my review.

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    Quote Originally Posted by afridy View Post
    It was these domains that were hosted there for that one year?
    Having problems, or maybe questions about WHT? Head over to the help desk!

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    DHD provides an excellent service, I utilized their services for a year or so and I completely agree with the OP.

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    oh nono

    those are my sites hosted at godaddy.
    check this . this is the forum i mentioned.

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    thanks for sharing. it's nice to hear about good hosting sites!

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    I was with a good n stable hosting company from last 15+ months, but from last few months they are not giving any attention to my problems as its a self managed VPS, so i am looking for other options.

    Thank you very much for telling here, i will check their site.
    Nirav Arora
    Kolkata, India.,

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