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    A Question for All End-Users, Please Post Your Opinions


    <<snipped>> I am coming here to ask some simple questions and am hoping to get in return some valuable input from you, the end users. We have run this same survey with our clients, and in order to obtain some additional unbiased information, we felt asking around would be best.

    Now, as the consumer, what do you look for in a host? What do you expect and what do you wish to receive? Have you ever wanted something that was never offered? Do you need something that was never taken into consideration?

    Any and all input would be appreciated and I am sure others will find the information useful as well. We figure that the best way to please you is to know what. Here is your chance. Please speak aloud.

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    I suppose everyone is looking for the best quality and features they need and also do not want to pay so much

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    <<snipped reference to edited post>>

    Now, as the consumer, what do you look for in a host?
    1)Honesty: non-overselling host, a host that recognizes its own problems and reports them (like: 1 minute outage on server 52). 2) right resources for a right price - and I do have in mind resources I need. 3) quality customer support. Yes, I want support to be reachable; live chat being a bonus (contrary to WHT majority), support ticket should be handled quickly and support should be interested in my problem. 4) their own servers, located in the US. 5) ethical host: absolutely no to host that tolerates hate sites (I would not be enthusiastic being hosted with Neo-Nazi hate site).
    What do you expect and what do you wish to receive?
    I expect to receive what I signed for: if I signed for 1 gigabyte, I should receive 1 gigabyte [space], if I signed for no downtine, there should be no downtime. Also, I expect smooth site migration (if I am to migrate from host to host) and quality support.
    I wish to receive some friendly community on their forums and possibility yo ask and be given support here, doesn't matter if it comes from host or from customers. Some personal attitude (like: happy birthday, Maniakaz!) is also wellcome.
    Have you ever wanted something that was never offered?
    Never offered where and by whom? By my host? By all hosts in Lithuania? US? EU? By oversellers? There was only once that I wanted something my host did not offer for a shared account: ability to host >1 domain. Fortunate for me, host agreed to host my own 2 domains.
    Do you need something that was never taken into consideration?
    No, I receive everything I need with my package.
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    I am looking for a host who knows what they are doing (can answer any kind of technical questions I have), have a superb server reliability and reasonable price, not dirt cheap one.
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    I appreciate the feedback and honesty so far. It means a great deal to us.
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    For a simple answered, all customers want to get a good services, good support system, and didn’t pay too much. If I’ll be the customer, that’s what I want.

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    Quote Originally Posted by XwebHostingInc View Post
    Now, as the consumer, what do you look for in a host?
    I look for a web host that won't be out of business in 6 months. Usually I only consider hosts that have been in business for at least 2 years, 3-5 just to be safe.

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    Quick Support, uptime, honesty, reliability, great price, flexibility and the like!

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    BTW, Xwebhosting, you have a very pleasing site! You can change the colours on the home page every month or on special occasions. Very nice look and feel really!

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    Here's my Preferences:

    * Great Servers and Uptime
    * Honesty and Reliability
    * Knowledgeable Support Team

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    I agree with those who have posted so far as to their wants. All I would add is that my needs might vary according to what I wanted my website to do and who I was trying to serve. As a semi-pro (or sophisticated amateur...) I do sites for non-profit groups; quick and competent customer support is a must given my low level of tech knowledge of hosting infrastructural mechanics. I look for very affordable plans because of the limited funds of my clients; hosts that offer discounts for non-profits are especially attractive. I look for adequate space and traffic allowances.

    I also do personal sites for a variety of people. I go right along with Maniakaz with a dislike of so-called hate sites, but the anarchist in me wants a broad horizon of available speech open to all; I tend to be a First Amendment absolutist. I would look for a host with a track record of exceptional tolerance and liberalism. I would not accept a company that assists governments in surveillance and censorship. The specs in the Terms of Service that give hosts global permission to close a site for their own, often unspecified, reasons makes me gag--but many if not most have the out.


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    As for me, i think i would go for great support, great uptime, affordable price, less hidden terms, and good loyalty program.

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    I am looking for quality data center, who give customer reall respect and strength. for example as a shared host if one of my customer do spamming I dont expect my whole server gets suspended. If I am unable to reach ticketing system I should be given a mobile call to discuss. a host which is helpful to solve my issue instead of taking such acts.
    I have seen number of complains at wht about dc ppl suspending whole server, terminating server for minor reasons. mostly spamming, why cant such host support there customers or help to identify the root cause of issue and give some solution instead of suspending whole server ruining the business of shared host.

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    Good, reliable, prompt support is the most important thing. You can have the cheapest or most expensive, most feature-packed hosting in the world. But if you have rotten support, then you're no good! Also, if you ever have problems that cause sites hosted with you to go down, then for goodness sakes, tell your customers. Don't keep them in the dark wondering what's going on.

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    Something unique and simple.

    Either support that are HOUNEST or Good reliable service (so no downtime) or both.

    Hope this helps.
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    I prefer affordable price, uptime and last but not least a fast and communicative support.

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