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    How long does it take to register an LLC in California?

    I tried to help my friend to register his LLC in May (almost 6 months). He filled out the Article of Organization, paid $70. Then filled out the Statement of Information, paid $20.
    Until now, my friend didn't receive any documents from the Secretary so that he can open a Business bank account. I checked the status on Secretary website, and it's show "active".
    He also wants to pay $800 LLC Tax, but not sure how/where to pay cause he didn't get any info from the Secretary or Tax Board.

    Are we missing something? Any ways to contact the Secretary?


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    Here is contact information for the SOS office. Sounds like something got lost in the mail to you or possibly the wrong address was entered.

    Regarding the $800 tax, all the documents and information are available on the same website above. I suggest getting an accountant if you need assistance with paying your taxes. Hope that helped.

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    Given California's 20+ billion dollar budget deficit I expect additional worker furloughs to delay the application process. Why it's still a manual process I'll never know. Seems to me you should register online, pay the 800 dollar bribe and everyone looks the other way.
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    the best way is to do this in person, go to secretary of state, corporate division, in your case i would say mail got lost, but you can always ask for certified copies of the documents
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