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    Software for file hosting

    Anyone know a good software/script for hosting a lot of files?

    I tried phpmynavigator, it works pretty good... but when I add 2-3000 images, it tends to slow down a lot... even when I put them in different folders. "PHPfileNavigator - Execution time: 53,9297 seconds" 1 minute >_> seems like it re-caches the folders every time or something.

    Ideally I'd just like something that has a search function, and doesn't take forever to load. Any suggestions?

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    I have used Mega File Hosting, its pretty good, not the cleanest script but its stable.

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    Hey - thanks for the suggestion. That looks more like a megaupload type script.

    Pretty much what I want is a file indexing site. An example would be a torrent site, how it index's thousands of .torrents, let's you search files, and has a userbase.

    Pretty much exactly a torrent site...but one that works for jpg and pics and stuff.

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    Then you are looking for TorrentStrike, this may be the most popular script and works well.

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    Does torrentstrike do non torrent files? I'm at work, so ill have to look it up when I get home. The files I want to host are zip files - just looking for a tracker-type for zip files.

    Thanks for the suggestions!

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