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    Question javascript countdown timers:bypass?

    I want to make a javascript countdown timer so a user has to wait 60 seconds until a button appears. Are these timers easy to bypass? Because apparently you can bypass rapidshare's javascript countdown timers by adding things into the url like javascript:var%20counta etc etc.

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    1. obfuscate your javascript timer vars
    2. minimise and encode with base62 - it will stop many "haxors"
    3. use ajax - when countdown reach 0 send request to server with some special one-time-key in params to receive button code
    4. use flash instead;]

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    I find this to be a better approach. Let them click the button right away...then on the other side:

    PHP Code:

    <div id="content">
    <img src="pleaseWait.jpg">


    // build a string with your real content (js-escaped)

    document.getElementById('content').innerHTML = '<?=$myContent?>';
    PHP doesn't send the content until the sleep command is executed, so no chance of a JS-bypass


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