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    NEED: Convert SWF files

    I have a client with 8 SWF files that worked fine last month but no longer run now. They are somewhat old.

    I need someone to open them and then SaveAs in a newer SWF version.

    It will probably take longer to download then upload them than the actual conversion.

    The newest of the group works, but it was created last week. The others are over a year old. I am assuming that the version upgrade will solve the issue.

    Links available by PM upon request. Please provide price quote for all 8.


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    HI,robertk1. I think you can try MOyea swf to video converter pro,which can convert swf to avi,mp4,wmv,mov,flv etc. Hope you can deal with ur problem soon.

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    firstly, you need to make sure your Flash is the latest version, if not, your swf conversion may failed.
    then, if the you have the .fla source file of your .swf, you can use "Flash cs4-> save as" to output the .swf, you can also use iWisoft SWF to Video Converter for the conversion, it is the one i'm using and recommend to you.

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    You also can use Macvide FlashVideo Converter.It's programm for convert
    swf to mov,Mpeg,iPod mp4.It's the best tool,I have had to deal with.But it's especially for Mac

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