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    is it possible not let people check what else domain on the same ip ?


    it shows "Reverse IP: 1,856 other sites hosted on this server."

    and i find many websites have this kind feature to lookup what else domain on the same ip,

    is it possible to close the feature and do not let people have the way to check what host on it ?

    the server is centos with cpanel.


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    I'm afraid it's not possible using shared ip.

    The only solution would be getting an dedicated IP if you're using an shared hosting.
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    I don't think there's anyway around that.

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    Right, it is impossible if only your sites are online. A dedicated IP might be helpful in other aspects but not for this purpose, IMO.
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    I have heard about the MyIPneighbors a Reveerse IP domain check DNS tools
    thorough where you can find the sites that are hosted on shared server but you should be on the same server.
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