PowerVPS, a leader and pioneer in virtualization and cloud hosting services, launched a new website at www.powervps.com to help businesses take advantage of new cloud computing solutions to meet their IT needs and save money. These next generation service offerings - known as Fuse, Force, and Ignite - simplify the choices in the marketplace and make it easy for small businesses to enter "the cloud."

Customers of PowerVPS get the best of both worlds - maintaining control of their IT setup without having to purchase hardware and software or hire on-site technical staff. That translates to lower costs and fewer headaches, simply by allow ing the expert team at PowerVPS to handle the burden of purchasing, hosting and managing servers, operating systems, network devices, storage and security.

"Itís not just about cutting edge technology, blazing fast servers, or industry leading resource allocations. We have those, of course. But we also back Fuse, Force and Ignite with round-the-clock customer service and technical support at a very competitive price point," said Thomas Kiblin, founder and CEO of Virtacore Systems Inc., the parent company behind PowerVPS.

Businesses performing due diligence to find the right cloud computing and virtual private server (VPS) provider should be looking for a solution that is easy to migrate into, fully scalable, well supported, and "always-on" - meaning high availability and virtually 100% up-time. PowerVPS fits the bill and makes enterprise-class technology and service affordable for small businesses.

Many other cloud services in the marketplace provide lower-end or rented and resold equipment and facilities, with minimal end user support. PowerVPS owns all of its high-end servers and network equipment and hosts your business in best-in-class facilities such as Equinix IBX and CoreSite data centers.

In addition to email and web based helpdesk support, PowerVPS is now offering customers across the globe access to live telephone support, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Its Los Angeles-based call center is staffed with an advanced team of support professionals dedicated to making sure your small business needs are met.

"If you are serious about your website and IT and want the best available technology and support for your small business or organization, our new PowerVPS services are for you," said George Naspo, Chairman of Virtacore Systems Inc. "Fuse, Force & Ignite can get you started with just a few clicks and you'll wonder why you didn't make the move sooner."

If your business or start-up is looking to make sense of all the cloud computing options, let PowerVPS and Virtacore Systems take you on a tour. Register at http://walkinthecloud.eventbrite.com/ to meet-up on November 19th at 5pm in Ashburn, VA with our hosting community and chat with leading cloud vendors, including Equinix and Parallels.

About PowerVPS / Virtacore Systems
PowerVPS is part of Virtacore Systems, Inc., a leading provider of "always-on" virtualization and cloud hosting solutions for business customers in the U.S. and globally. Virtacore Systems manages over 10,000 virtual machines deployed at state-of-the-art Equinix IBX datacenters connected to a custom network of top-tier bandwidth providers. Virtacore is a customer-focused technology company with multiple vendor certifications from Cisco, Microsoft, VMWare, Citrix, and DataCore. For more information, visit www.PowerVPS.com and www.virtacore.com or join our community at www.twitter.com/powerVPS.