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    Web server opensolaris vs. ubuntu vs. windows

    I'm trying to set up my own web server and I'm wondering what and why would make the best server that fits my needs.

    My first choice was the ubuntu server edition but I'm really not that fond of not having a GUI and as a Linux noob it's kinda hard.

    Since I'm a student I can get the Windows Server 2008 R2 for free and I've never set up a server before so I figured this would be the most user friendly version but I'm not afraid of taking some time and learn my other options.

    And I just recently begun thinking about the OpenSolaris web server since I want it to be MySQL based and all, why not go with the maker of MySQL?

    What I want from the server is to be able to host websites, stream videos and download via ftp. I want also to be able to host community-like websites.

    So what are your opinions/suggestions?
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    You should get a linux VPS and try the various Linux Operating Systems by reloading the OS in most VPS Panels.

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    Try to learn whatever you use without a GUI, you'll come to find that the command line is much more powerful, and you'll definitely want to use it if you get into the professional arena.

    Personally I'm a fan of CentOS, but Ubuntu, OpenSolaris, and Windows 2008 are all excellent choices. Probably need to figure out if you want to deal with Linux/Unix or Windows first and go from there. Personally, I'd learn both, you can always setup a VM.

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