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    How to make it working ?


    I represent he InterZine.Net web hosting provider. InterZine was working great but from one month only one client has been here. I hired a SEO Professional For it and he is working on it. The deisgn is pretty good and prices are really good too ! (as we think !)

    Can you advice me new things ?

    It's not a reseller it's on a VPS and sell all kind of plans !
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    Have you thought about paying for ads? Sometimes you have to spend money to make money and it's really tough for a hosting company to get started, trust me, the first few months are always tough but once the ball gets rolling, it gets easier.

    Just market yourself properly, try to be unique, try to offer something others don't, advertise in the right places. Just having good SEO doesn't always help, you have to depend on so many other things.

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    Unless you're targeting local customers, or a very specific niche market, don't expect to get much traffic from search engines. Google returns 73,600,000 results for "Web Hosting", so that's a lot of listings to compete with.

    You can get your name out a bit by being active on forums like WHT, but keep in mind that WHT is full of small hosting companies. Unless you're selling services TO web hosts, you shouldn't expect sales from here either.
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    "Rome wasn't built overnight"

    Not being sarcastic or anything but it will take time to grow your web hosting company, have patience and in time things will start to work. People need to be aware of your brand first, if they don't know your brand you won't get any response. By the way, are you receiving some sort of SEO reports from your SEO Professional so you can track traffic towards your website?

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    No offense intended, so please don't take any.

    The website looks like a generic hosting website with no character or no way to differentiate yourself. I'm certainly no expert in web design, but I would think that making your site different in some way would help. Also, who is your target audience. Again, I mean no offense, but if your target audience are Americans, British, Canadian, Australian, or New Zealanders (among others), the English usage is awkward and may drive some prospective clients away. You may look for a native English speaker to help you with your wordage. Again, I mean no offense and I'm not an English-elitist. I speak 3 languages including English, so I mean absolutely no offense, just a suggestion.

    And lastly, the package names are very generic and hold no meaning and can get easily confused. Is there a reason they are named that way. They look like they came directly off of a template.
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    Do you have a marketing budget or are you looking for only free places to advertise?

    SEO is a good first step but there is so much more you can do. Work on your keywords before you spend money on marketing, get someone to look over your analytics and setup a plan that will work for you. Looking at your index page your keywords relevancy to page content is only 11%.. you need to get that percentage higher
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    I had the same problem when I first started, however things do pick up. The best way I found to pick up customers was to keep on posting promos in the advertising forums. There are loads of websites out there that you can do this on.
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    Most hosting company's dont make profit till 1 1/2 - 2year mark. Just stating facts based on using a paid control panel and paying for a server and all that. other then that you dont get cliets overnight it takes a lot of work. took me a while to get my first 10 clients. Once your clients recognize you have a viable hosting company they will post reviews ect. tht will get more attention and get you more income/clients.

    hope i helped

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    I hired a SEO Professional For it and he is working on it.
    SEO efforts are almost always a long run, costly strategy (if done right). They may work, but they don't come with any sort of guarantee. I'm not saying it's not a worthwhile endeavor, I'm saying that if you're after a quick fix (new sales now!), this isn't really "it".

    You seem to need something that brings you sales (and thus traffic) now rather than later. Maybe you could try partnering up with web designers, programmers etc.?

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