Rackmounted.Com is pleased to let you benefit from our excess inventory of Celeron dedicated servers.
Quantities are limited, so act quickly.

Configure your dedicated server exactly as you would like it! You can select from nearly any speed of processor,
amount of RAM or hard drive setup that you would like. We can also custom install the OS to your needs.

Our $34.95 special package features:

1.7 GHz Celeron
512 GB RAM
80 GB IDE Drive
2000 GB Bandwidth

We can custom install the OS to meet your needs.
Second 80 GB is optional and can be setup as a separate disk or in a RAID 1.

To order this server please see:

(We have also extended our No Setup Fee offer on all Core2Duo servers! Starting from $79/month)

Our datacenters have all the usual trimmings (UPS failover to generator, etc) as well as multiple 10Gbps links
in various directions (one routes east, one routes west) onto a private 10Gbps (and constantly upgrading)
global backbone. We also have a 10Gbps link onto a Metro WAN, gobs of dark fiber, and now over 2Tbps of peering capacity!!

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