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Thread: IntoVPS ripping

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    IntoVPS ripping

    They copied everything: design, content, favicon. They even copied "Microsoft Partner | Hosting Solutions". But looks like they did not wrote IntoDNS! Since they didn't copied this point in Why list:

    8. We wrote

    We wrote and we're providing for FREE the service.

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    2. Instant Automated Setup

    All VPS packages are automatically deployed. Are you tired of waiting hours or even days for a VPS to be set up? Order now and your VPS is ready to be used in about 12~48 hours!
    Not quite "instant".

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    What to say. Very sad to hear the rip stories regularly. Have you sent the DMCA already?
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    Just take it as a complement Obviously they wouldn't rip you if they did not admire you.

    Site is hosted by JaguarPC so I am sure they would be more than happy to remove their site if a proper DMCA is filed.
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    unlucky, fortunately they will probably not last longer than a few months!
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    The highest form of flattery!
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    They did change the "Professional Staff" part of it, at least they are not claiming to be you 6 guys. = )

    I always did think your site was well made (if a little dark). Really your fault sheic, that was a site just waiting to be ripped. Next time don't make one so nice. I mean no one wants to rip a crappy site eh? = )

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