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    Thumbs up Detected Malware in my hosting account? Please help

    I have got email from google that my site has "malware software". I want to disinfect that malware without deleting any content? how I can scan my hosting account? please help.
    I have hosting account with godaddy & they told me that they can not help once malware got detected.

    Please help

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    Quote Originally Posted by jonnyj007 View Post
    I have hosting account with godaddy & they told me that they can not help once malware got detected.
    Wow, that's nice...You would think that since the content is on their servers, that they could help you remove it!

    I guess you're just going to have to scan through your account yourself and delete anything out of the ordinary, or anything you don't remember putting there. Make sure to also check all the html coding on your pages (index, ect..) for strange java scripts, or anything else that shouldn't be there. Does anyone else besides you have access to the hosting account?

    Good luck!
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    I think you should scan and clean your computer first because if noone else knows your password, it is very like that your computer is the source.

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    To the Malware in Coding, Strangely enough they also come in iFrame Exploits aswell. Anything that looks un-familiar especially in <Script> should be seen to the same.

    We had a client who had the same issue and by removing the malware off his PC and then fixing his source it managed to fix the issue.

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    Also if you are running popular scripts (e.g. phpBB3) make sure always keep to date with the lastest releases in the future. | 10+ Years of Web Hosting Experience!
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    WOW!! I would have thought Go-Daddy would help you with that!!! That's ridiculous - NO hosting should just let you down once you're infected because if they do they may risk the rest of their infrastructure' integrity / the other people on the server?? I would consider cleaning out your computer first then going about and sorting out everything else like has been said above - or keep trying to get them to help??


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    Do you have a recent backup of the site database? You can try to save a backup of your existing site, delete and install a latest copy of your blog/forum script and import the database.

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    You can often use this site to help in indentifying the code. These infections are either caused by a script you are running or your PC is infected with malware and is sending your FTP user/passwords to the perp. Make sure you run good AV and also maybe download and run this

    If your PC is infected it will do no good to cleanup your site code as it will simply happen again.

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    Uploading recent backup would help as someone suggested above especially if someone entered a malicious code in one of your web files.

    Don't know why godaddy won't help...This is like the third thread in the past 3 days where I've seen them provide services that are out of the ordinary even for them.

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    Why does anyone think it's GoDaddy's responsibility to clean up malware on someone's site? It's not going to affect the rest of the server. And it's certainly not part of their support to provide removal of some php injection crap.

    If the OP is running WordPress, PHPBB forum, or any of the popularly targeted software, he/she needs to clean it up himself, and take steps to ensure it doesn't happen again. A Google search will tell you how.

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    No one is talking about GODaddy taking responsibility and removing the malware. I'm sure they have had the issue before, so it shouldn't be that hard to point the client to the right direction to what they should do to clean up the problem themselves.

    I assume GoDaddy support reps have far more experience with this than the OP.

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    We have had a couple of clients get this warning. In once case it was their adsense was pointing to a malicious site so the warning popped up. So it's not always the site itself but any references/links to other sites. You need to read all the info that the warning provides and do some searches as to how to fix it. They're not always easy cleanups.
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    Hey thank you guys for your help

    I think malware was on my my other site detected same malware...So I have formated pc first...then deleted all content on the host... & changed my passwords...
    Its a lesson for me

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