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    Pass form to another website?

    IE: I want users to have a support login form and that form passes the info to

    That way to the user it looks like they are still accessing my site and do not need to leave the page to go to

    I know I could put a _blank and make them open that page, but I would like for them to type in their 9 digit code on my site along with their name so they dont ever have to leave my site.

    Any ideas?

    Form would be...

    Customer Name:
    Support Code:

    and then it would pass that information to's website. I imagine this may not be possible due to all the bad things that one could come up with.

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    This can be done with server-side scripting, i.e. PHP and cURL.
    But if you have no relations with the (sister company etc.) I doubt people will enter their passwords in a completely unrelated website.
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    You can get a 'okay-ish' opensorce help desk, or you could just make your own.

    It really isn't tricky. Just a small database and maybe about 100-150 scripts for the entier thing.

    OR google. ;p
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    the reason for is because its basically a remote tool for me to administer their computer. So, much like RDP, etc. Its actually just Gotoassist

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