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    Help me install Centos... it seems I am failing no matter how I try.

    What I have:
    Windows Vista 64 Bit
    16GB USB stick (PC is bootable from USB)
    50GB HD (RAW) for Centos installation.

    What I don't have:
    Writable CD or DVD

    I am trying to burn Centos DVD iso to the USB drive, using UNetbootin, but it is not working.
    USB boots alright, but asks me where are the images(?).

    Also tried to burn netinstall package, and tried to get images via http (site:, folder:/centos/5/od/x86_64) but nothing happens. No error messages no nothing!

    Not a Linux expert here, so can anyone help?
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    Ok, here is an update.
    I decided to go with Ubuntu and downloaded netbook remix. It has a very useful tool that installs ubuntu from within Windows.

    Anyway, windows side of installation went smoothly.
    I had to restart the machine to continue installing. And I did.
    I selected ubuntu at the boot selection, it continued installing in a nice GUI. No problems. Installation finished and restarted the machine.

    Same boot selection menu, selected ubuntu again but now, it takes me a DOS like screen with grup> prompt.
    I guess it expects me to write something, but what?

    Tried this guy's instructions but no avail:
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    try "boot" command, it will give you the hint

    that is wrong with instruction ? looks like there is all you need

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