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    [For Hire] L1/L2 Tech Support (Remote) and other odd jobs

    Due to a crappy economy my hours at work have been cut back significantly. As such, I'm in search of a couple extra jobs on the side to help pay bills and to stay on my feet.

    I can do L1/L2 tech support for your company, pricing to be discussed, very flexible. I'm also willing to do script installations, data entry, vBulletin customizations (as in modification installation/setup, etc. No image creation/coding)

    Can probably do a few extra things that just aren't coming to mind right now. If you have something that needs done however, please feel free to contact me and we'll see if we can come to an agreement.

    My guarantee is, if I can't do it, or you don't like the quality, you don't have to pay. Period

    Contact via MSN/AIM, or email. All available in my profile. Thanks!
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    I highly recommend Tyler, as he is a dedicated and hard working individual. I've worked with him over the past 5 years on various projects and he definitely has the skill set to accomplish great things.

    - Clayton
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    looking for somone to offer remote support server 2008

    Tyler, if you are still there and if you are still available for remote support on a project, please conact me.


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    I'm unable to PM you as you don't have 10 posts or 7 days registration under your belt yet, however you may still contact me via any means in my profile.
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