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    Hey Guys new here, from Canada

    Hey guys whats up, My name is Adam. I am currently designing a website for my father's company. Howerver I did have some questions and a friend of mine directed me here, said it was a great website to get answers!

    I do apologize ahead of time as I am pretty much a noob at this, but I think once I can get a little bit of an understanding of how this all works, I will be able to create some pretty solid websites. Of course I have used website builders online and its super easy, one of the easiest ones I used was that for a flash website (which was awesome) but this is a professional business and I would like to make something sharp looking but professional. Now my question is, I have dreamweaver cs3, it's possible to use that for designing the site am I correct? also I would like to know if you goto some company websites you see how they have their layouts, are those premade? or does somebody create those layouts in photoshop? how does that all work? Also can somebody explain the differences between sites like html, xhtml, php, jave, asp all that kinda of stuff. Thanks so much guys hope ot hear from you soon, and I will enjoy my stay!


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    Hello draward, welcome. Enjoy your visits.

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    Hello welcome to WebHostingTalk, enjoy your stay.

    I would redirect your question to a different forum category since this isn't the right section, don't worry its ok, just re-post it.

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    Welcome Adam. I have great friends in several Canadian cities. All of them Hockey fanatics. Go Stars

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    welcome to forum and hope you ll get what you want

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    Welcome to WHT

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