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    Steven from is great. Totally recommended!

    Hi folks,

    Im Bruno owner of several websites with some servers around the globe.
    I apologize for my bad english(since im from E.U), but ill try to detail you what has been a great experience with Steven from

    We were hosting some website on hostv when we came with the need to moove all account contents to a new machine, do some patch and mysql optimization.

    Well, taking in care that we were mooing all our accounts to a non managed hosting provider we started to search for a specialized server managment company.

    After looking and reviewing some posts on WHT we contacted cause they seemed not too cheap, neither too expensive for a really good proactive server managing company.

    So here are the first impressions about

    A) After requesting a quote on website, after 10 minutes we were contacted by Steven Ciaburri.
    He is very short in words, not really keen on writing too much, but he goes straight to the point, which in fact is good.
    Some would say he is not keen on talking, but he clearly understands what are your needs. Stick to the point is his master principle.

    B) Well, we agreed about what should be done and aftre a few days, he started to work.
    I must mention that he started to work (doing first part of migration process) on a WEEKEND, which in fact is a nice commercial approach. Not too many would be available to start the migration process (which lasts hours, we have tons ov deiso to migrate), but he was available.

    C) After migration procedure done, he not only was available to do some tweaking on the server, but also advised us about some security procedures and corrected some security faults.

    We were so happy with his migration/optimization services that we started already a monthly server management services, cause we felt we can really rely on him to start managing our servers.

    Steven is actually only managing one server of ours, but in a short term we will be picking him up to manage one second machine.

    We must mention that Rack911 does proactive management, it means they are normally on top of the problems even before they happen. (advising on backups, doing pacth installation, etc,etc)

    If you are really looking for a company that knows really about what they are doing, i strongly and honestly advise you Steven from Rack911.

    If Steven is seeing this post i would only recomend him just a little bit (not too much) more communication skills (we, europeans, are too used to some talking) well he IS REALLY the mangreat skills, great availability, always replies in a few minutes, great!

    Thats all folks!
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    He communicates directly with the machine so it has to be in the form of 0100010101000100010001.......if you really want to talk to him...

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    Great review, Steven knows his stuff.

    Thanks for sharing.

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    Thanks guys.
    Steven Ciaburri | Industry's Best Server Management -
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    Great review, thanks for posting such detailed experience and be sure to keep us posted in the future as well!
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    Quote Originally Posted by boonchuan View Post
    He communicates directly with the machine so it has to be in the form of 0100010101000100010001.......if you really want to talk to him...
    lol... That is a great way to put it and i've used Steven in the past (4 years ago) and it appears he is still providing the same quality service.

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    Nice review. Thanks for sharing this. I'll keep him in mind for future services.

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