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    Looking for someone to run free cPanel hosting site.


    First off my name is Dylan and I'm looking for someone to run and promote a new brand I will be releasing. I will cover all costs of this site, I have the domain and I will provide a template. Applicants must meet the following requirements.

    • 18+ (Preferred)
    • US/UK
    • Native English Speaking
    • cPanel/WHM Knowledge is required
    • Developing, promoting, managing a free webhost
    • Must have worked in free webhosting environment before
    • Excellent written skills
    • Available via IM
    • Professional Attitude.
    • Server Administration skills is a plus

    I will be working alongside you in this venture but I need someone dedicated to this and only this. There is no initial payment but all profits of the company will be split 50/50 and you have to make no initial investment.Also I cannot stress enough the fact that I want someone who has worked in the free webhosting industry before! I've never done it and I want someone with experience.

    To apply send an email to dylan [ at ] freshnode [ dot] com

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    Interesting offer. I'd be interested to try out, except that I'm not US/UK based and I'm not sure I'd have the time even if I were. You'd probably have more qualified nibbles if you posted your offer at WHT's sister site,, though. Given that it's a forum dedicated to the free web hosting industry, you might find a partner there who fits your requirements.

    Good luck!

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