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    Need to choose reliable vps provider that supports ventrilo

    Hello all,

    I am looking for a company that offers reliable, inexpensive vps hosting ( aren't we all ). More specifically, I am looking for a provider that does allow me to run a ventrilo server as well as host my browser games.

    Earlier today I got on here and foolishy picked the quickest/cheapest deal I saw in the webhostingtalk forums under vps offers. I signed up, everything was instant. I setup ventrilo and a few hours later the VPS was down. I logged into hypervm and restarted the server and when it came back online, the ventrilo directory had been removed.

    I e-mailed support but have not gotten a response back yet, but does that make sense?

    Regardless, The response time has started to make me nervous and I am looking for feedback from real people who have already went through the pain and suffering and found a good host.

    Due to spending my money on this last host, my budget is down to $20.

    Because of this I will opt to not have cpanel unless anyone knows a deal I can get cpanel + the vps for $20 for the first month ( next month I can afford more ).

    I'm not going to mention the name of the host because it's unfair to them as I have only allowed 2-3 hours for a response to my support ticket, and I'm not familiar with vps's so perhaps it's a PERFECTLY LOGICAL thing to have data erased from your account on a normal basis.

    Anyway, thank you for letting me express my concerns, and I do hope to get good feedback about a company that falls in my budget that has good recommendations.

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    Most if not all allow Ventrilo, I wouldn't see why not

    Find a good reputable VPS provider and you should have no issues w/vent (though personally I'd prefer mumble or teamspeak )

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    Thanks guys, I saw a banner at the top about tektonic hosting. I clicked on it and chatted with Bruce through the live chat system and he was extremely helpful. I have decided to host with them. Thanks webhostingtalk for hooking me up

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    they removed your vent directory without notification? that's pretty unprofessional.

    Most shouldn't have a problem with either vent or browser games because they give you your own resources so they don't really have to worry about an overload

    And vent doesn't use much resources anyway - I run teamspeak on a home server, barely uses any resources, Vent isn't much different.

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    I think the vent server only allows 8 clients if you're not a reseller.

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    Quote Originally Posted by herbyscrub View Post
    I think the vent server only allows 8 clients if you're not a reseller.
    In addition to being forced to bind to or first IP, forgot which but probably the former, and unable to change ports or most anything

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