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    Any thoughts if this will work with windows 7?

    I am looking at buying this:

    but it says its compilable with XP but does not list vista or win 7 (which is what I am running). Any ideas on if it will work? I could not really find much info on it.

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    Couldn't you just run the software or the drivers in Windows Compatibility Mode?

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    Or contact the company.

    If you want my personal advice, don't buy it. Save your money up and get the same thing, but of course far better. 512 levels of pressure isn't very good.

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    Ah, yeah maybe I need to do a bit more research on the matter.


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    When in doubt, contact the company, it's your best bet. Though it is compatible with Vista, so it should be good in Windows 7. If not, there's always XP mode, assuming you have Professional or higher.

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