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    Help needed for a simple backup script

    Hi there techies,

    I need some help with creating a script which will backup a few directories to the second hdd. I have put together rsync commands but need someone to put it in a script which logs the changed/deleted files and sends me an email report after the script has run.

    rsync -a -r --delete /home/user1/public_html/flviideo /backup/backup-folders/user1/public_html/flviideo
    rsync -a -r --delete /home/user2/public_html/downloads /backup/backup-folders/user2/public_html/downloads
    rsync -a -r --delete /home/user3/public_html/flvideo /backup/backup-folders/user3/public_html/flvideo
    rsync -a -r --delete /home/user3/public_html/video /backup/backup-folders/user3/public_html/video
    rsync -a -r --delete /home/user4/public_html/flvideo /backup/backup-folders/user4/public_html/flvideo
    rsync -a -r --delete /home/user4/public_html/video /backup/backup-folders/user4/public_html/video
    rsync -a -r --delete /home/user5/public_html/media/albums /backup/backup-folders/user5/public_html/media/albums
    rsync -a -r --delete /home/user5/public_html/gallery/albums /backup/backup-folders/user5/public_html/gallery/albums
    Any help will be appreciated.

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    Also try 7zip


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