is hosting a quick online site check
tool as a public service.


Very simple to use. Just input the name of the site to

The tool returns a site status, the time taken for the
remote response and the raw http headers.

Know for sure before posting in the outages section
whether the problem might be your own connection.

Very handy for those times when you just need a quick
check that a site is up and responding.

The http headers are helpful if you just want a quick
configuration check.

The time measurement tells you if the site might be
heavily loaded at the time of the test.

A great tool to bookmark for help desk technicians, to
feature on your support pages, or to point out to your

No registration, no membership, no money, no limits.
Just a bookmark.

Remember, you might not need it today. But, it's going
to save you a lot of headaches someday. So remember to
bookmark the site.

Try it now at


ps. please let me know what it looks like on mobile devices