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    Post Uk Ressellers, web guru's and start up's wanted.


    I'll try and keep this brief... what Iím looking for are partners for my hosting business or even just stuck start up's that require some free IT help/hosting to get them underway with an eventual return of a mutually agreed benefit.

    What I'm not looking for... is Money, hosting companies looking to bully, advice on hardware/system design or architecture... or a flaming web based rant about start up's!

    So if you have made it this far... well welcome.

    Basically, I've been doing system Architecture, IT Consulting and in the last 10 years designing and building out datacenters and suites for clients.

    About 7 years ago, due to a stack of hardware in the garage and far too much free time. Decided.. I know! I'll start a hosting company. It's been ticking along quite happily over the years, moved from a nuclear bunker way up north ( seemed like a fun idea at the time ) to Blue Square and now GSL2.

    Recently I thought, about time to do this properly. So, what I currently have is Phase 1 of my new design.

    Dual 3ghz Quad core with 32gb ram IBM servers. FC attached IBM DS SAN units and FC disks. Cisco 2960g and 3750g switch gear with pfSense fw's and Snort running about 60 clients with 4 resellers.

    All VPS's are running under ESX4i with full vCenter access ( ) auto failover and mgmt of VM's across the nodes. Individual or file based backup ( Veeam and Backup Exec ), with client access being web based vcms, SSH over web, vpn based access for RDP and direct etc...

    Hosted out of Global Switch 2 from one of my racks ( I run colo as well, my current day job also means I have several suites in GS2 and GSAMS so no fly by night here! ).

    So the hardware is there, the design for Phase 2 & 3 is there and most of that hardware is on standby or is rapidly accessible should the growth expand to that extent. The right DC is in place....

    But! I don't do or more honestly have time to do the sales and marketing. ( hence the piss poor website )The business is not for sale, it ticks along quote happily but it's time to grow the VPS side of the business under the new brand name and in turn grow that brand.

    If you think you can sell on behalf or for vmShop, I would be interested in talking to you. Eitheir directly for or on behalf off as a Resseller, or used for your own projects/start up.

    You don't have to be UK based, but I would question why a non UK client would want UK hosting unless this fitted a certain client/project of yours. That said i do have several such overseeas but UK focussed clients already.

    Happy to get you up and running without charge, happy to offer free 1 month trials and more than happy to help any budding start up's or projects out there.

    Feel free to drop me a PM or preferably an email.

    Thanks for reading,


    [email protected]

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    Not sure, but aren't ESXi only allowed for non-resold things/internal?

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    Quote Originally Posted by quantumphysics View Post
    Not sure, but aren't ESXi only allowed for non-resold things/internal?
    Depends on your licensing.
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    You can resell ESXi servers there are a few companies doing it at the moment for HA VPS services.
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    There has been great interest so far, many thank to all those interested so far!

    To answer a couple of common questions:

    More than happy to send out a diagram of the Phase 1 build so far just drop me a note to ask.

    Test vm's ( CentOS & 2k8 ) are available at no charge for a trial. Fully functional and you have full access.

    Your own VLAN(s), range of internal IP's etc... Are no problem. Happy to draft a custom design. Just advise of what infrastructure you need.

    Bandwidth currently is 2x 10mbit BGP feeds ( active/passive ) there are no limits on bandwidth used ( within reason! ). Feeds can burst to 100mb, and total average bandwidth can be increased at any time.

    *** However all traffic is monitored with a reverse Snort so high usage/odd patterns will be notified to the VM(s) client with appropriate action where relevant.

    That said, we're easy going! Sadly "karma hosting" was already taken..

    And as it's Christmas ( well the coca cola add is already on)... 50% off your first 2 months.


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