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Thread: Business Ethics

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    Business Ethics

    I wanted your feedback regarding this.

    Is it unethical to have your hosting company name identical to another hosting company.

    for example: VS VS

    You get the drift here...

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    It has more to do with trademark infringement then it does with ethics .
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    But the trademark has to be registered globally right?

    For example, isn't available but we are a registered business in India and it made sense to get

    is there anything wrong with this?

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    Is it unethical to have your hosting company name identical to another hosting company.
    Wikipedia 'registered trademarks' and 'passing off'.
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    If it was done accidentally and in good faith then no. Nonetheless the proper thing to do would be to change your name or negotiate a fair use agreement with the original company. If it was done intentionally for the sole purpose of profiting from the work performed by the original company to increase brand awareness then yes it is unethical, may carry stiff legal consequences, and perhaps criminal consequences depending on the use of the name e.g. (phishing scam).
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    Quote Originally Posted by eLief! View Post
    It has more to do with trademark infringement then it does with ethics .
    Ditto. Using someone elses name with a different TLD is going to bring you more problems with Trademark or Copyright infringement than it will with someone questioning your "ethics".
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    I have had this problem when I first started. I had the expire the domain due to a LLC problem
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    Quote Originally Posted by eLief! View Post
    It has more to do with trademark infringement then it does with ethics .
    Exactly, I wouldn't do it.

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    Is there a way where we can check trademark registration globally?
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    It's really cheap if the person is just trying to ride off the coattail of another company just to get visitors and sales.

    Also deception is there, especially for companies trying to look like the original as well.

    And the trademark infringement is just he other part of it.

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    I would think doing it knowingly also would tie into some business ethics. Why would you want to ride on the coattails of another company. What do you have to hide as a company where you can make your own name for yourself. If I saw this during a search and realized that they weren't subsidiaries of the same company, I would move quickly away and think some kind of phishing scam or at least not a trustworthy business.
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    It's definitely a fine line there. I would stay as far away from that line as possible.

    Any company worth their salt wouldn't try to imitate like that. Sure you may make a few quick bucks from the people who don't notice what you're doing but it won't be long before your brand is ruined and your company fails.

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    I don't even look at this as an ethical or legal question - my stance on it is purely selfish... the only people who will fall for/not care about your ruse are likely the exact customers you don't want, people who don't fall for it will be alienated... any negative publicity for them will instantly reflect you... the negative effects are numerous and not limited to legal ramifications.

    ... on the whole, you stand to lose a whole lot more by copying someone's name than you might gain.
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    I think people are misunderstanding me now

    We registered Critical Data in India and as far as we know there is no other company at least in the hosting industry named Critical Data. We registered .in tld as .com wasn't available. So my question is, by doing this is it unethical? We searched for the business name before incorporating it and there were none so it should be fine but now thinking about the .com tld since we don't have it and someone else owns it but they aren't in the same industry or doesn't do anything close to what we do is it unethical that we have to change the name?

    I hope I make sense now.

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    I don't think they're going to be an issue for you honestly - it doesn't appear as though they're actively trying to brand that domain/name. Your bigger concern would probably be the Irish company, as they might be a thorn in your side if you were to try buy the .com...

    ... overall I really don't think you're at fault ethically or legally, but you'll need to decide if it might just be easier re-branding than fighting with them if you want to compete globally.
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    Regardless if it is globally registered or not doesn't matter IMO. If you copy the name of another company, you are basically causing consumer confusion. In many cases I think the original company could fight to get the domain name from you and no doubt I'm sure a legal case wouldn't be far either.

    I would say the question is a no brainer, you don't copy the name of another company.

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    I don't see online at all, so I don't see a problem with the .in tld. However, personally, I would never register a domain unless I could secure the .com. But that's just me.

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    We didn't copy the company name fyi, we came up with it ourselves and registered it. I don't think there is anything wrong with this is there?

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    This case same as with wars
    Do you guys ever heard that. When ur sites goes bigger, then u will get same problems like vs

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    Thank you all for your advise with regards to this matter. We are in the process of changing our company name to something unique/different and also made sure to secure the .com tld as well which makes perfect sense. Thanks again, mods can close this thread.

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    you have to be able to show that there is an actual business that relates to the domain.

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    If the name was done on purpose, then it is unethical on the foundation of intentionally trying to mislead; it is deceptive.

    Thank you.
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