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    how to make sure php exec() is enabled?

    I'm testing the jVideodirect component of Joomla on my VPS, and for some reason, the uploaded videos don't get converted to FLV. I think this may be due to some misconfig of my VPS. maybe php exec() cannot be triggered?

    I also run another video-sharing website (clip bucket script) on the same VPS, and it works fine for the video conversion. - FFMPEG, PHP & RoR Hosting - R/C videos sharing

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    I am assuming that you are running this on a linux server.

    You could test the exec function by running the following php script:


    exec("whoami", $ret);

    echo $ret[0];


    This will return the command whoami.

    If it errors out, it is because the exec function could not run.

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    You need to remove exec from php.ini & restart apache.
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