Control Panel Features/Addons:
  • WHMReseller
  • RVSKins
  • Fantastico
  • RVSiteBuilder

Why choose us?
  • We do not resell for any other company, we are our own company and have our own staff.
  • We allow overselling!
  • We give you a free WHMCS license to use!
  • You will get a free SSL certificate!
  • Ability to use your own nameservers!
  • You will have the ability to create your own resellers by using WHMReseller!
  • Created unlimited accounts, and host unlimited domains!
  • We have all of the most popular server modules installed, and if we don't we will install it for you! (EX: FFMPEG, Zend, and many more!)
  • We are one of the few hosting companies that allow proxy related websites!

Each Reseller will receive the following:
  • Powerful server(s) to host websites on.
  • SSL Certificate to use.
  • Free WHMCS license.
  • Dedicated IP Address
  • And Much More!

We also offer Windows Reseller accounts, those plans can be view here.


Reseller Hosting Plans - All Details Here


Bronze Plan
Disk Space: 50,000MB (50GB)
Bandwidth: 1,000,000MB (1,000GB)

Price: $29.95/mo
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Silver Plan
Disk Space: 100,000MB (100GB)
Bandwidth: 2,000,000MB (2,000GB)
Domains: Unlimited

Price: $39.95/mo
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Gold Plan
Disk Space: 200,000MB (200GB)
Bandwidth: 3,000,000MB (3,000GB)
Domains: Unlimited

Price: $49.95/mo
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Have sales questions?
1. You may email [email protected]
2. Open up a support ticket at
3. Initiate a Live Chat session with a sales representative NOW!
4. Of course, you may PM or POST here and I'll help you!