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    turnkeyinternet ????

    hi evry one
    at first sorry for my poor english
    i was very interested for turnkeyinternet but now....
    i use their chat and talk with their sales operator
    i asked some question about their network and cisco firewall and he answered very well. requested the testspeed and he said sure sir. he had said sir for many times to me. and i was very happy to find this good company. and i tell him to make some offers for me. and he said again sure sir. i will send you after my manager comes here. i waited 2 days for his email. but not sent
    i opened the chat windows again and said that i waiting for your email. he said do u have ticket and i said no. so he said you must have ticket. and i said i will repeat my requests. and i said again please send speedtest and some informations about ddos protection and cisco firewalls.but he said we cant sale server to you because you are iranian (yes i am)
    i said yes i know that. and i said that my brother is in us and he will order the servers. i had some servers in other us companies and providers without any problem. yes i know usa laws prohibited to sell any thing to iranian. but i said that my brother is in us and he will order and pays and owns my server. i had some servers in other companies without any problem....
    but he said sorry we cant sell servers to you because you want to use servers for ddos :confused:
    and he closed chat window
    honestly i was very unhappy
    because i wanna server for my website not for spam. ddos attacks or illegal works.i host my site with us law
    yes i ask some question about their network.
    and i said some times i had ddos on my website (2 or 3 times on year)
    i was very sad :( because they ignored me. i was trusted them but he....
    so i opened one ticket and i tell about their bad behavior
    but their sales team ignored my ticket and didnt respond. i ask them for respond and he closed
    i opened and i said that i will tell about their sales team in webhostingtalk and he responded

    this is my ticket:
    i am a iranian person. i am interested for your company
    but your sales chat ignored me i am very sad
    i know you cant do business with iranian
    but as i said to your sales operator i have one server with and my brother and my friends are in us . and they can pay my server :) like that server i have on ......
    and i asked about ddos problem that i have on my website and about your network and i ask about cisco . but your sales said me we cant sale servers to you for using that for ddos attacks and breaking us laws and he closed chat as i said i need ddos mitigation for my website. not used server for ddos attacks i am not a outlaw user

    so i am unhappy. but still interested for your services
    as i said . i need to one test of your servers picture on site
    and they said that : (i cannot copy their text because i dont have permission from them)
    we cannot sales servers to websites has ddos attacks.
    i said again :
    Hello ...
    but ....., ....., ...... and some other providers in us do that (for example they use cisco firewall and offer management and.... )
    your sales ignored me i am not a bad or naughty customer and i have some other servers in us.
    my mean is ddos protection. cisco firewall and other thing for network security. but they respond again we can sell you servers ddos is against usa laws.

    i said again :
    hello. ok i will do all us laws. but if some one attacked my site is that my fault?!!!!
    if some one hacked my website or attacked with ddos or botnet or other thing is my fault?!!!
    i dont use servers for ddos attacks! i wanna to secure my server network for ddos and other attacks. i didnt use server for spam. didnt use for sharing copyrighted matterial
    and other things is agains us laws. i am a legal user, as i said i had some servers in other us providers without any issues.and i know that i am iranian. yes. but my brother is in us an he will order the server and at last he is the server owner.
    but i didnt know that if some one attacked your website is agains us laws. and didnt hear that before :)
    my website didnt get heavy attacks . but some times some ..... hackers attacked to my website
    but i am interested for your company still :)
    and they said again we cant acccept you as one customer :(
    and he said i have responsbility to keep you away to dont harm other clients :(

    now i am very sad.unhappy. breaken. because i think my nationality is the problem :)
    because they respond very well at 3 days ago but when he knows i am iranian he ignored me :(
    but i love them and usa people yet...
    sorry for my ridiculous thread....

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    Any recommond? Idea?
    Plz change topic title to turnkeyinternet bad respond

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    Per US law's they can't sell you product's.

    And now that you told then your brother will buy and then let you use it they also can't sell the product to your brother.

    What else you want to know?

    "Here are some good reading and a great time for you to improve your english skill's "

    More info below:


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