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Discover a cloud solution that delivers as promised, not more compromises. CloudLayer™ brings you cloud-enabled computing, storage, and content delivery built on SoftLayer’s core advantages and longtime leadership in automated, on-demand data center services.
CloudLayer provides advantages and capabilities not found with other cloud services. Besides operating as stand-alone solutions, every CloudLayer service can seamlessly interface with SoftLayer’s dedicated servers and automated services to create a fully integrated computing environment with unprecedented interoperability and efficiency.

Finally you can have the scalability that makes the cloud incredible without the sacrifices in performance, flexibility, and security that can make it impractical.

Key Advantages:

Pay As You Go or Monthly Packages- Monthly billing based on hourly usage or monthly plans with no long-term commitment. Pay only for the resources you need and use.

Fully Integrated Environments - Dedicated systems, virtual environments, and CloudLayer services seamlessly integrate into unified computing environments controlled through the Customer Portal or API.

Rapid Provisioning - Computing instances delivered as fast as 5 minutes; Storage and Content Delivery Network ready in real-time.


Public Cloud

A shared environment that is designed for workloads that require rapid provisioning. A public cloud is an environment on which multiple CloudLayer Computing customers may have instances. If a customer orders a public cloud instance, that instance may be placed on a physical hardware node which also contains other customer instances. This is the lowest priced option for customers wishing to obtain a CloudLayer Computing Instance. Customers may order on a monthly or hourly billing basis.

Private Cloud

An environment dedicated to a single customer that leverages virtualization tools to deliver a secure computing platform. A private cloud is an environment on which only one customer's CloudLayer Computing Instances reside. This cloud environment is dedicated to a single customer. If a customer orders a private cloud instance, that instance will be placed on a physical hardware node which contains only that customer's instances. This is ideal for customers who require security in the cloud environment for particular industry compliance regulations. Private cloud instances are priced higher due to the dedicated environment. Customers may order on a monthly or hourly billing basis.

Bare Metal Cloud (BMC)

Bare Metal Cloud computing instances do not require a hypervisor, providing a cloud computing option that's more viable for workloads that demand direct access to physical hardware, such as databases and calculation-intensive applications. Bare Metal Cloud provides all the power and advantages of virtualized hardware without the overhead of a hypervisor. Bare Metal Cloud can be ordered on an hourly or monthly billing basis.

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