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    How to zip a large-size folder ?

    Hello, i want to zip a large-size folder in my linux server, which command i should run ? I mean i have a folder with 10GB in it, and i want to cut it to 10 parts ( 1GB Parts ).

    Please help me, thank you.

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    Look at the split command. "man split" should tell you all you need to know
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    split -b 100m large.zip_vol_ – would split the file “” into three separate files called largefile.zip_vol_aa, largefile.zip_vol_ab and largefile.zip_vol_ac each file the size of 100 Mbyte.

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    You can use rar for this. To install rar follow the steps given below.
    tar -zxf rarlinux-3.9.0.tar.gz
    cd rar
    cp rar_static /usr/bin/rar
    ln -s /usr/bin/rar /usr/local/bin
    To see if rar is installed type below
    rar --help |grep Copyright
    Now use the following command to split the 10 gb folder into 1 gb parts.
    rar a -v1000M folder_name.rar /path/to/folder_name
    This will make archives like the names give below.
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    thank you all guys

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