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    Question Billing Software Question


    I found many customer billing software compatible with cpanel/ etc

    I want to ask to wht users some question so that it clear my doubts

    software i m interested to use clientex & whmcs

    they both say they are compatible with xxx registar
    means my customer can register domain name without going to control panel provided by registar ?

    am i right ?

    here's the Scenario

    One customer comes to my

    want register 1 domain & with windows hosting
    & 1 with linux hosting

    I have 1 windows dedicated server & 1 linux VPS
    I m registered with opensrs

    so when user domain & select windows hosting then is both billing program Register Domain & create hosting account for it automatically after payment is made ?

    same for linux ? is it all automatic ?

    is it possible to see admin demo of both software in net?


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    Your right. Your clients do not visit your domain registrar at all. Your clients visit your WHMCS or Client Exec only.

    WHMCS Demo:

    Client Exec Demo:

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    We have been using WHMCS for over a year now and love it. It is consistantly updated and you can pay them for special customizations if needed.

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    they don't have to go to the registrar's site for the domain but I wouldn't recommend you make it automatic - Domain registrations are far more sensitive and a fraud order would cost you depending on what registrar it's with, some wouldn't refund you even if it was just a few days or even hours after order.

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    Have phone verification and maxmind with your payment gateway. WHMCS comes with free fraud protection but phone verification is a must. You deposit funds and Maxmind calls the client to put a phone verification code.

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    Use the WHMCS you will get what you pay for its most updated software.
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