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    * Branded Sites For Taking Domain & Dedicated Server Or VPS in 200$

    Can Anybody Know Some Branded & Good Sites For Taking Domain+VPS Or Dedicated Server Like Peer1 Or The Planet I Seen Dedicated Server Gives More Uptime Vs VPS For These Both Things My Bujet is 200$ I Can Spend 150$Every Month! But Please Tell Any Good & Branded Sites Who Can Give More & More Uptime At Least 1-2 Year Non-Stop :|

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    Almost every good provider is able to offer you excellent uptime. But you have to remember occassionally their could be some problem, but in general 99.99% is expected.
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    Can You Suggest Some Sites Where i Can Get Good Server in 150$/Monthly~

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    I would suggest the offers forum. Also searching for reviews of a specific host (Google) will be helpful to you.
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