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    Need urgent Help, query cause cpu stress!

    Hey all i need your help urgently!

    Ive made a mysql query within my drupals block, it seems it was badly wrong, (using inner join where it should not be used ), but right before i noticed ive hit save allready and caused stress, taking other sites on the host down too
    I want to undo the change but cant access to undo save the changes cos the site aint load cos the cpu stress.

    Is there any way i can undo the change somehow? cpanel also not load and host is offline....


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    Unless you have KVM & root access to your host, you're pretty much screwed. You should not be able to take down a whole machine with one db query. If you did, and your hosting provider hasn't responded immediately, it's time to host somewhere else. It's also possible that they've just blocked YOU. Either situation warrants a call to your hosting provider.

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    Yeah i would agree, whilst it's possible you took down the hosts shared server i'm sure their system administrators will have noticed it go offline (you'd hope). If it keeps taking it down they will isolate the cause. If that cause is you then they will be in touch but to beat them to the punch i'd agree ringing them is a first step!
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    thanks for the replies
    Luckily the site went online for seconds and i could rip out totally messed query lol. After that i could replace it with a correct one.

    The query was bada** , the query caused 1000% cpu useage -_-

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    I've never seen a single query do that before, I'd be interested to see what the query was and know what version of MySQL is running on your host?

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