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    75% of our CC transactions are non-qual (!)

    What percentage of your CC transactions are qualified, mid-qual & non-qual? Was just looking over our statement, and we have about 20% qual, 5% mid-qual and 75% (!!!) non-qual.

    We're charged the higher rate on mid-qual & non-qual, 4%, vs about 2% for qual.

    I originally thought it was because we have a lot of international customers, but running the numbers for Oct, 73% of our transactions (by dollar volume) were from US customers. So why are so many falling into the non-qual category?

    Would be curious to hear breakdowns from other web hosts


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    You'll fall into non-qual for things that do not pass AVS such as gift cards and pre-paid cards.

    Also for business cards.
    James Paul Woods
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