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    Free Logo Design - limited slots available

    Get a new logo design for FREE! Logos are designed from scratch and are unique, logos are not stock images or icons!

    Some recent logo work:

    ----- What is Included? --------------------------------------------
    1- Revisions and modifications

    2- Free Raster based logo, vector logos starting at $15!

    3- GIF, PNG and other formats upon your request.

    ----- Cost & Delivery -----------------------------------------------
    Price: $0 per logo. "raster only"
    Samples: up to 2 concepts, additional concepts $5 per concept and $10 for vector!
    Completion time: less than 72 hours.

    Additional Logo Services
    animation flash and gif available, cost varies contact me

    Custom Banners
    Static $15
    Animated Gif $20
    Animated Flash $25

    every banner package includes:
    5 concepts, revisions and modifications, Jpg, Gif and Png, additional files available upon request.

    Additional Web Services available, feel free to drop me a message.

    ----- Please Note --------------------------------------------

    only 1 free logo will be accepted at a time, in order to get your logo you must provide a review which is atleast 3 sentences of customer service, quality and any further details you wish to provide upon logo completion. Only clean logos will be accepted, if the logo is adult, gang, violence or other themes which will be decided at time of request, your free logo request will be denied, logos will be used in an upcoming company website along with your reviews.

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    I am interested. Please PM me or contact via AIM
    Hosting for Everyone
    Shared Hosting and Virtual Private Servers with friendly support

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    I guess I would be interested, not 100% sure I will use the logo but I wouldn't mind writing a review

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    Accepting more entries, please feel free to reply and send me a message.

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    HostedPlanet's Review:

    "DalexDesign created a wonderful logo for our company. He was quick to reply to my messages and had our designs to us very quickly. He made sure that he knew in advance what we were looking for to personalize it for us. We couldn't be happier!

    Thanks again!"

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    Running out of slots, also would like to mention that for a limited time any banner purchase will include a free favicon icon!

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    Another Satisified client


    After contacting dalexdesign he very quickly responded with some questions to get the design process started, after supplying him with the questions, in less than a few hours he had supplied me with a very well designed logo matching the things I had asked him to do. A+ designers and highly recommended.

    Zachary W"

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    I'm interested if there is another slot available.

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    No more free logos are available,

    Price is now $9.99 for up to 3 concepts.

    If you are willing to write a review after logo completion we will refund you 50% making the total fee for 3 concepts only $4.99!

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    dern. Missed out

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    Hi Dalexdesign,

    Can you please contact me?
    My e-mail:




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