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    Needed: Someone to roll a mailserver from bare metal.

    I need someone that is capable of rolling an email server from bare metal. I need the server to have the following capabilities:

    *Uses postfix
    *Full incoming/outgoing mail from the internet
    *WebMail (squirrel mail looks like the way to do this)
    *Access from email clients such as Outlook and various mobile phones (blackberry obviously excluded)
    *Separation between actual users and mailboxes, meaning I do not want to have to create an additional linux user name for every mailbox added to the system. The databases need to be separate.
    *And last but not least I need to be able to add and remove domains(and their associated user names and mailboxes) from the system easily. Command line editing is OK, as long as I know how to do it.

    I will provide you root login to a virtual machine and you set everything up. Then once everything is setup, we test the configuration together, and you can give me a quick overview on how to add/remove domains and users from the system. I will also need you to educate me on how to properly define DNS records to accommodate the new mail server. (the IP of the mail server will be different than that of the web server, I need to ensure email gets routed to the mail server and not the web server). My knowledge of mail servers as a whole is very slim.

    Please contact me via a method below with a quote to perform all this and what you would charge. I would prefer a flat-rate fee as opposed to an hourly fee, but either is fine for me. My deadline is a week from today. I am not interested in any long-term support solution.

    My methods of contact:
    email: [email protected]
    AIM: pentiumone133
    Skype: pentiumone133

    Please provide me the cost to me and how soon you can have this done.

    Thanks alot!!

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    How set are you on using postfix? Qmail is more scalable and easy to manage.

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    Thankyou for the offers.

    An offer was accepted and the work has already been completed.

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